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thuringen: manga • old testament märchen. (MÄRCHEN • now sing for me!)

the seventh graveyard

now begins the revenge tragedy

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Name:a musebox.
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ah, revenge is due to sin, so accept it in solemn silence – it’s too late for laments
at last, if you want to sing of your grudges in this band of dusk,
the concorpsetor is your friend!

« now, come again once you've died a noble death. »

sieben • sechs • fünf • vier • drei • zwei • eins • los!

born in a time of darkness, i met you
our feelings that attract each other do not cease even after death
i gather songs of dusk and offer it to this grave
for whom is revenge for? mori and id, all become epitaphs of seven

« that brightly shining era in which you’re smiling even now. without hating anyone or regretting death, let’s meet there for sure. »

gif by blueskyroses
"yoiyami no uta" and "gyoukou no uta" translation by defade
layout by trodain @ lj; modified by me!
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